On this personal website you can find all kinds of information about Dutch military aircraft.

This are planes used by the Royal Netherlands Naval Air Service, referred to as RNlNAS (Marine Luchtvaart Dienst = MLD), used by the Royal Netherlands Air Force, referred to as RNlAF (Koninklijke Luchtmacht = KLu) and its predecessors and also aircraft used by the Royal Netherlands-East-Indies Air Force, referred to as RNEIAF ( ML-KNIL = Militaire Luchtvaart van het Koninklijk Nederlands-Indisch Leger)).

As far as it concerns the RNlAF I refer to RNlAF after World War II and to LVA (Luchtvaart-Afdeeling = Airforce divison of the Dutch Army) before the second World War. I am aware that this is historically not correct, because the Dutch Air Force had its name changed several times.

Also available on this site are the aircraft used by the Dutch RAF squadrons during the second world war, such as squadron 320, squadron 321, squadron 322 and also Dutch Communications Flight and the Dutch Auster squadron.

Just before the second World War several civil aircraft were 'claimed'; these aircraft are not all in this listing, partly because I have hardly any or no information about these aircraft and also because I think these aircraft were not owned.

Also the so called "sleutelkisten", aircraft used by the technical services and training and never flew operational with Dutch markings are not mentioned.

Also hired aircraft, such as training aircraft used by the RNlNAS, are not mentioned on this site.

Further a note concerning the dates mentioned. In several occasions I have mentioned a date with the first day of the month. 
In most occasions I mean that the exact date is unknown, but (most probably) is somewhere during that month.

The dates are given in European style (dd-mm-yyyy) and also numbers are given also in European style.

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