Lockheed T-33 was developed from the Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star.
This aircraft made its maiden flight as early as 1944 and there were more than 1700 Shooting Stars were built.

Due to the large number of accidents at the beginning of the career of the P-80, the USAF decided to develop a trainer version, the TP-80C, which made its first flight in March 1948.
This prototype had originally also two additional tip tanks at the wing-tips, but because an internal fuel tank was removed because of the second seat, the flight range was very small. It was therefore decided to replace the two tip tanks with two fixed tanks of 230 gallons each.

In 1949, the type designation was changed to Lockheed T-33A, because of the large number of differences from the P-80.
Eventually more than 6500 aircraft built, including a version for the U.S. Navy, marked Lockheed TV-2, covering more than 950 pieces.

Furthermore, Kawasaki has 190 units built under license in Canada by Canadair and a further 656 examples with a Rolls Royce Nene of 2313 kg of thrust.


Technical information
Length: 11,48 m Wingspan (tip tanks included): 12,93 m
Height: 3,55 m Wing area: - m2
Empty weight: 3775 kg Max. start weight: 6865 kg
Max. speed: 970 km/hr Climbing speed: - m/min
Cruising speed: - km/hr    
Range: 2050 km Service ceiling: 14 600 m
Engine type: One Allison J-33-A-35 rated 24 kN

T-33: One instructor plus one pupil;

RT-33: one pilot

Armament: None


The Dutch Air Force received from different resources the T-33: from Belgium, eight aircraft for a period of several years were borrowed; eleven examples were taken from the USAF, and another five T-33s were taken from the U.S., but were been scrapped for spare parts and the bulk, 44 pieces were transferred under MDAP (Mutual Defence Assistance Program).
One of the RT-33A's, the M-103 came from the Turkish Air Force.

Initially the T-33A was used primarily as a training aircraft at 313 Squadron at Volkel and later they were used for the Transition training at Woensdrecht and Twenthe.

Photo Recce.

The transition of the photo reconnaissance version of the Thunderjet, F-84E to the Republic RF-84F Thunderflash was considered to be to big by the U.S. , so at first the pilots needed to gain some experience with the RT-33.
Thus, the Dutch photo reconnaissance squadron, 306 squadron,  used the Rt-33 over two years.

In September 1953 the 306 squadron at Volkel received its first aircraft, the F-84g Thunderjet. This new squadron was assigned reconnaissance, both visually and with photos.

November 1953 tests were taken with a K.20 camera in the left tip tank of an F-84E. These tests were successful, so in 1954 the F-84G was replaced by the F-84E with customized T-33 tip tanks.
In September 1954 306 squadron was stationed for a about two months at the German air base Bückeburg. At that time it had also become clear that the Thunderjet became obsolete.
306 squadron would be equipped with a real photo reconnaissance aircraft, the Republic RF-84F Thunderflash.
To prepare for this new aircraft,  in August 1955 the squadron received two Lockheed RT-1933 photo reconnaissance.
These were coded TP-19 and TP-20, as already some the Thunderflashes coded TP-1 to TP-18, were received.

The RT-33A had four cameras in the nose, three K18 and a K22 camera, which were a big improvement over the single K20 camera of the Thunderjet.

Basically the aviator had first a number of flight hours on the RT-33A to make before deciding to switch to the Thunder Flash.

After two years the squadron was fully switched to the RF-84F Thunderflash and the RT-33's were redundant.  Meanwhile, a third RT-33A was added to the inventory of the squadron.
The Thunderflashes were mainly used for operational photographs and the RT-33A mainly for external photo tasks, for example, pictures of ice or the delta works.

At the end of 1957, when 306 squadron was transferred to Deelen airbase, it was also decided that the squadron would perform only operational photography. It was at the end of 1958 when a separate photo section was raised for executing other photography tasks , the Base Photo Flight Deelen.

This unit consisted of a number of Piper Cubs, Harvards and three RT-33As.
Because the RT-33s were no longer assigned to an operational squadron, they receiver again their M-registrations on the nose.
The photo flight was under command of CTL. As at CTL all aircraft were camouflaged so the aircraft of th photo flight were also  camouflaged. In 1968, the Photo flight was abolished.  The cameras of RT33 were much earlier, namely in 1963 removed  and mainly used as trainers at TVO at air base Woensdrecht.
During the sixties, the camouflage was removed and the RT-33s were sprayed overall aluminium dope .

TP-19 (M-101) had made an emergency landing on January 24, 1959  on the Hoge Veluwe. The aircraft was easy to repair, but is scrapped because of the  lack of spare at that time.


Serial overview Lockheed RT-33 RNlAF

SerialSquadron-codeUS Fiscal Year-nr.Constr. nr.Date in serviceDate out of serviceNotes
M-101 TP-19 54-1541 9164 24-01-1959 16-08-1955 Written off.
M-102 TP-20 54-1542 9169 16-08-1955 06-07-1971 To Greece.
M-103 TP-21 54-1522 9139 13-06-1957 21-10-1971 Scrapped


Serial overview Lockheed T-33A RNlAF

Squadron Code
Squadron Code
Fiscal Year nr.
Fiscal Year nr.
Constr. nr.
Constr. nr.
Date in service
Date in service
Date out of service
Date out of service
M-1 TR-1 51-4511 5806 22-08-1952 26-05-1972 To Turkey
M-2 TR-2 51-4512 5807 29-08-1952 26-05-1972 To Turkey
M-3 TR-3 51-6574 5906 08-09-1952 18-06-1957 22-09-1956; Written off (Due to accident)
M-4 TR-4 51-6577 5909 12-09-1952 12-10-1971 To Greece
M-5 TR-5 51-9028 6812 25-06-1953 02-06-1972 Preserved, to Military Aviation museum Soesterberg
M-6 TR-6 51-9029 6813 25-06-1953 26-05-1972 To Turkey
M-7 TR-7 51-9148 6932 7-08-1953 13-12-1957 03-07-1957;
Written off (Due to accident)
M-8 TR-8 51-9149 6933 7-08-1953 03-04-1967 Base flight Leeuwarden. 06-02-1967;
Written off (Due to accident)
M-9 TR-9 51-9254 7038 10-09-1953 06-07-1971 To Greece
M-10 TR-10 51-17461 7252 02-10-1953 15-09-1958 Base flight Eindhoven.
11-08-1958; Written off (Due to accident)
M-11 TR-11 51-17466 7257 02-10-1953 25-05-1972 To Ethiopia
M-12 TR-12 51-17459 7250 16-01-1954 29-07-1963 Base flight Eindhoven.
09-07-1963; Written off (Due to accident)
M-13 TR-13 51-17510 7490 16-01-1954 31-03-1957 28-02-1957; Written off (Due to accident)
M-14 TR-14 51-17498 7469 23-02-1954 12-10-1971 To Greece
M-15 TR-15 51-17530 7590 23-02-1954 10-02-1964 23-07-1963; Written off (Due to accident)
M-16 TR-16 51-17533 7698 11-03-1954 26-05-1972 To Turkey
M-17 TR-17 51-17556 7701 11-03-1954 06-07-1971 To Greece
M-18 TR-18 52-9877 7703 11-03-1954 13-12-1957 03-07-1957; Written off (Due to accident)
M-19 TR-19 52-9899 7795 11-03-1954 15-07-1964 26-05-1964; Written off (Due to accident)
M-20 TR-20 52-9900 7796 11-03-1954 06-07-1971 To Greece
M-21 TR-21 51-17491 7471 24-03-1954 15-09-1972 To Turkey
M-22 TR-22 51-17518 7578 24-03-1954 09-09-1954 Base flight Eindhoven.
09-06-1954; Written off (Due to accident)
M-23 TR-23 51-17542 7687 01-04-1954 14-03-1955 11-02-1955; Written off (Due to accident)
M-24 TR-24 52-9876 7702 01-04-1954 20-12-1971 To Greece
M-25 TR-25 51-17549 7694 01-04-1954 20-12-1971 To Greece
M-26 TR-26 52-9881 7777 01-04-1954 12-10-1971 To Greece
M-27 TR-27 52-9922 7893 25-04-1954 26-05-1972 To Turkey
M-28 TR-28 51-17541 7686 27-04-1954 26-05-1972 To Turkey
M-29 TR-29 52-9913 7884 27-04-1954 6-07-1971 To Greece
M-30 TR-30 52-9924 7895 13-05-1954 13-12-1957 Base flight Eindhoven.
25-05-1957; Written off (Due to accident)
M-31 TR-31 54-1582 9271 19-10-1955 19-03-1963 Base flight Eindhoven.
07-02-1963; Written off (Due to accident)
M-32 TR-32 54-1583 9272 19-10-1955 12-10-1971 To Greece
M-33 TR-33 54-1612 9348 19-10-1955 23-06-1970 23-06-1970; Written off (Due to accident)
M-34 TR-34 54-1613 9349 19-10-1955 12-10-1971 12-10-1971; Written off (Due to accident)
M-35 TR-35 54-1614 9350 19-10-1955 12-10-1971 To Greece
M-36 TR-36 54-1615 9351 19-10-1955 19-12-1962 19-12-1962; Written off (Due to accident)
M-37 TR-37 55-4950 9910 11-01-1957 10-06-1971 Base flight Soesterberg.
10-06-1971; Written off (Due to accident)
M-38 TR-38 55-4951 9911 27-02-1957 20-12-1971 To Greece
M-39 TR-39 55-4961 9921 27-02-1957 12-03-1972 To Turkey
M-40 TR-40 55-4962 9922 0-03-1957 20-02-1967 20-02-1967; Written off (Due to accident)
M-41 TR-41 55-4952 9912 08-07-1957 17-03-1972 To Turkey
M-42   51-4151 5445 04-04-1962 26-05-1972 Taken over from Belgian Air Force; was FT-5
M-43   51-4152 5446 04-04-1962 26-05-1972 Taken over from Belgian Air Force; was FT-4
M-44   51-4231 5525 04-04-1962 26-05-1972 Taken over from Belgian Air Force; was FT-6
M-45   51-4233 5527 04-04-1962 26-05-1972 Taken over from Belgian Air Force; was FT-7
M-46   51-6662 5994 04-04-1962 21-07-1965 Taken over from Belgian Air Force; was FT-8;
08-06-1965; Written off (Due to accident)
M-47   51-6661 5993 04-04-1962 07-08-1972 Taken over from Belgian Air Force; was FT-11
M-48   49-0884 5034 07-02-1964 05-05-1972 Became N652, civil
M-49   50-0370 5223 05-02-1964 31-01-1971 Became N651, civil
M-50   51-4384 5679 30-01-1964 26-05-1972 To NLC Hoofddorp
M-51   51-6528 5860 30-01-1964 15-12-1970 Became N650, civil
M-52   51-6953 6285 09-03-1964 15-04-1971 Became N648, civil
M-53   51-8760 6544 30-01-1964 31-07-1971 Became N647, civil
M-54   51-17411 7150 05-02-1964 26-05-1972 To Woensdrecht (gate guard)
M-55   51-6531 5863 30-01-1964 16-12-1970 Became N649, civil
M-56   51-8824 6608 30-01-1964 31-01-1971 Became N646, civil
M-57   51-17416 7155 29-01-1964 21-07-1965 08-06-1965; Written off (Due to accident)
M-58   52-9671 7856 29-01-1964 26-05-1972 To Ethiopia
M-59   51-4062 5356 18-11-1965 26-05-1972 Taken over from Belgian Air Force; was FT-3
M-60   51-6663 5995 01-09-1966 26-05-1972 Taken over from Belgian Air Force; was FT-9
    49-1006 5156     Used for spare parts
    51-4477 5772     Used for spare parts
    51-6875 6207     Used for spare parts
    51-6881 6213     Used for spare parts
    51-8756 6540     Used for spare parts


1/72nd Scale


  • Heller
    • Kit 80301: Lockheed T-33A/RT-33
  • Hasegawa
    • Kit AO18:250 / 2400361 / 00706: Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star [Kit 00706 was released with decals for Dutch Whiskey 4 display team]
  • Platz
    • Kit AC14: Lockheed T33 T-Bird with engine (JASDF)
    • Kit AC11: Lockheed T33 T-Bird (Hamamatsu AFB JASDF)
    • Kit AC8: Lockheed T33 T-Bird (USAF U.S Bicentennial 1976)
    • Kit AC6: Lockheed T33 T-Bird (JASDF)
  • Sword
    • Kit 72028SE: Lockheed T33 Shooting Star (JASDF, Bundesluftwaffe, Italian AF)
Lockheed T 33A T Bird AKleijn
A model of a Lockheed T-33A, built by Adri Kleijn.
Lockheed RT 33A 306 Sqn Recon AKleijn
A model of a Lockheed RT-33A, built by Adri Kleijn.


A model of a Lockheed T-33A, built by Adri Kleijn.

IMG 0225 IMG 0226 Lockheed T33A AKlein 6 Lockheed T33A AKlein 2 Lockheed T33A AKlein 3 Lockheed T33A AKlein 4




Two models of a Lockheed RT-33, built by Peter Banis.

Lockheed RT33 PBanis 1 Lockheed RT33 PBanis 6 Lockheed RT33 PBanis 6 Lockheed RT33 PBanis 2 Lockheed RT33 PBanis 3 Lockheed RT33 PBanis 4


Modeling add-on

  • Airwaves
    • Set AC72107: Detailset Lockheed T33 Shooting Star
  • Eduard
    • Set E73-409 / SS409: Detailset Lockheed T33 T'bird Interior Self Adhesive (Platz)
  • Flightpath
    • Set 72-119A: Acces ladder Set 10 voor Lockheed T33/F94
    • Set 72-127A: Lockheed T33/F94
  • True Detail
    • Set 72405: Lockheed F80-T33 Shooting Star Ejection Seat


  • Dutch Decal
    • Set 72012: Set decals for different aircraft such as a Lockheed T.33 in SkyShark display team scheme.
    • Set 72080: Dutch Jets (Meteor F MK4/8, Lockheed T33, NF5A/B)
  • FlevoDecal
    • Set FD72-005: Decals for several Dutch trainser as Lockheed T.33A

1/48th Scale


  • Academy
    • Kit 12240: Lockheed T33A/CT133 Shooting Star "US Air Force"
    • Kit 2185: Lockheed T33A Shooting Star
  • Hobbycraft
    • Kit HC1595: Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star

Modelling add-on

  • Squadron
    • Set 09633: Lockheed T33 Shooting Star
  • Scale Aircraft Conversions
    • Set 48120: Lockheed T33A T Bird Landing Gear (replacement for 1/48 Academy/HobbyCraft


  • FlevoDecal
    • Set FD48-005: Royal Netherlands Air Force Jet Trainers
  • Dutch Decal
    • Set 48008: Set decals voor Lockheed RT-33A 306 Sqn. Lockheed T-33A 313 Sqn. GD F-16A 311 Sqn. GD F -16A 40 Jaar 312’ Sqn.GD F-16A 313 ‘Tiger’ Sqn.KLu. Brewster Buffalo ML/KNIL.Sqn badge 120Sqn. P-40N.
    • Set 48009: T-33A 313 Sqn KLu Demo ‘SkySharks’, P-51D 122 Sqn ML/KNIL, Curtiss Hawk ML/KNIL, B-25J 16 Sqn. ML/KNIL, Spitfire LF Mk.IXc 322 Sqn. F-4F Phantom Luftwaffe/313 /315 Sqn.


SchemeColoour NameFS numberBS numberHumbrolXtraColorVallejo Model ColorVallejo Model AirHataka
Standard #1Overall Bare metal     191 / 56 X216 70.864   -
Yellow ribbons on fuselage and wings Trainer yellow     154   70.953 71.078 ~066
Standard #2Overall Bare metal     191 / 56 X216 70.864   -
Nose, wingtip, part of fuselage Day Glo     209   70.733   -
Lockheed RT-33 M-102 and M-103 from 1962 and on
Standard #3Upper surfaces RAF Dark Sea Grey ~6099 BS:638 156 X130 70.836 71.405 ~144
RAF Dark Green   BS:641 163 X001 70.892 71.324 ~143
Undersides PRU Blue   BS:636 124 / 230 X008   71.109 ~207

Check www.paint4models.com for an extensive conversion table with lots of colour and paint systems.


Lockheed T-33A

Eerste schema Lockheed T-33A
First scheme Lockheed T-33A.
Variant eerste schema Lockheed T-33A
Variant first scheme Lockheed T-33A.
Tweede schema Lockheed T-33A: squadron commandant
First scheme Lockheed T-33A: personal aircraft of the squadronleader.
Tweede schema Lockheed T-33A
Second scheme Lockheed T-33A.


Lockheed RT-33


Eerste schema Lockheed RT-33A
First scheme Lockheed RT-33A with flash on the tiptanks .
Tweede schema Lockheed RT-33A
Second scheme Lockheed RT-33A: overall bare metal.
Eerste schema Lockheed RT-33A
Third scheme Lockheed RT-33A: with small M serial on the nose.
Eerste schema Lockheed RT-33A
Fourth scheme Lockheed RT-33A: overaal bare metal with day glo and (larger) M serial.
Tweede schema Lockheed RT-33A
Camouflage scheme Lockheed RT-33A; The pattern of this scheme is unknown.

The pattern and colours shown here are derived from the pattern used for the Republic F-84F Thunderstreak. This pattern is most probably used in the RT-33.
More information about this scheme is welcome!
Lockheed RT33-3B-SMALL
Second camouflage scheme: with day glo: aircraft used for base flight.



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Special thanks to mr H. Groeneveld and mr. P. Sturm for providing me with lots of information about the markings of the Lockheed T.33