The LVG C.VI was a design from 1917 of Willy Sabersky-Müssigbrodt, who designed the DFW C.V. The LVG C.VI was lighter and smaller, though the fuselage looked somewhat more massive. The fuselage was constructed of wood.

The aircraft were equipped with a Morse transmitter. Approximately 1100 examples were built.


Technical information
Length: 7,45 m Wingspan: 13 m
Height: 2,8 m Wing area: 34,6 m2
Empty weight: 930 kg Max. start weight: 1309 kg
Max. speed: 170 km/hr Climbing speed: 4 min to 1000 m
Cruising speed: - km/hr    
Range: 400 km or 3,5 hours Service ceiling: - m
Engine type: One Benz Bz-IV rated 200 hp
Crew: Two men: one aviator plus one observer
Armament: One fixed, forward firing 7,9 mm Spandau LMG 08/15 plus one movable 7,9 mm Parabellum MG 14 machine gun. Maximum of 115 kg bombs


The first LVG C.VI, 1698//18 with f.o. Richter,  landed August 21, 1918 near Cadzand and was interned as L801.

A second example, serial 7186/18, from Armee Flug Park IV with airman  sgt. G. Braun October 22, 1918 near Hendrik Ido Ambacht and entered Dutch service as L803.

The third LVG C.VI, 4847/18 landed November 4, 1918 near Hedel and was interned as L804.

L.V.G. C.VI 1698/18 landde bij Cadzand op 21 aug. 1918. Vlieger: Richter. Ned. registratie L801.
L.V.G. C.VI 1698/18received Dutch serial  801.
[Enclosed photo from BeeldBank NIMH. Click on photo for ordering information]
L.V.G. C.VI 7186/18 landde bij Hendrik Ido Ambacht op 22 okt. 1918. Vlieger: sgt. G. Braun. Afkomstig van Armee Flug Park IV.
L.V.G. C.VI 7186/18 landed October 22, 1918 near Hendrik Ido Ambacht. 
[Enclosed photo from BeeldBank NIMH. Click on photo for ordering information]


Serial German Werknr. German Bestellnr. Date in service Date out of service Notes
L801   1698/18 21-08-1918    
L803   7186/18 22-10-1918    
L804   4847/18 04-11-1918    


1/72nd Scale


  • Ardpol
    • Kit 72-048: A resin kit
  • Classic Plane
    • Kit CPL17: A vacu formed kit

Modelling add-on

  • Aeroclub
    • Set E074: Benz 200hp (LVG, Rumpler)
    • Set P072: 1x Axial 1 + 1x LVG CVI Propellor


  • --
    • Kit --: --.

1/48th Scale


  • Blue Max
    • Kit 204: LVG C.VI

Modelling add-on

  • Master, reality in Miniature
    • Set AM-48-036 : German WW I machine gun Parabellum LGM14 (1x)
    • Set AM-48-035: German WW I machine gun Spandau LMG 08/15 (2pcs)


  • --
    • Set --: --.


Scheme Colour name FS-nummer FS-nummer Humbrol XtraColor Vallejo Model Color Vallejo Model Air
Standard #1 Fuselage Wood with varnish            
Wings etc. Doped linen     121 X105 70.819  

Check www.paint4models.com for an extensive conversion table with lots of colour and paint systems.



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