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Klaas Willem Jonker
† April 30, 2018

On Monday 30 April 2018, Wilko Jonker died after a long illness at the age of 58. He leaves behind a wife and two children. The Dutch military aviation and plastic modeling were his hobby and on this website he shared all the knowledge he has collected over the years. His hobby has been able to distract him from the persistent disease in his body until the last week of his life. The contacts with other hobbyists were a major support for him.

This website will be maintained by different people for as long as possible, so that other enthusiasts can continue to benefit from extensive content.


This type was a more sophisticated development of the Albatros C.I. It was used for various purposes, such as reconnaissance and light bomber.
It mainly differed from its predecessor in the revised tail construction. Several engines used as the Benz Bz. III rated 150 hp or a 160 hp Mercedes D.II.
Not unusual at that time, cut the cylinder and the exhaust above the hull.
The observer had a 7.92 mm Parabellum machine gun. Later versions had a synchronized 7.92 mm LMG 08/15 machine gun.
The aircraft could carry a bomb load of about 91 kg.


Technical Information
Length: 8 m Wing span: 11,69 m
Height: 3,07 m Wing area: 36,91 m2
Empty weight: 851 kg Max. start weight: 1353 kg
Max. speed: 140 km/hr Rate of climb: 9 min to 1000 m
Range: 4 hours Service ceiling: 3500 m
Engine type: One Benz Bz. III rated 150 pk. Sometimes a Mercedes D-III rated 160 pk was used; the height became then 3,10 m
Crew: Two men.
Armament: One movable 7,9 mm MG 14 Parabellum machine gun; circa 90 kg bombs.


The first Albatros C. III landed on December 7, 1917 at Reuver and was two days later transferred to Soesterberg, where it was repaired. In 1918 the engine was replaced by the engine of Rumpler C.I R410. The aircraft received registration AL411, but was not purchased.
The second C.III landed May 11, 1918 near Uithuizen after being shot by the military police. This aircraft was registered as AL425.
The third C.III landed on August 24, 1918 near Buggenum and received the registration AL440.

Albatros C.III, met registratie 12115/17, bij Uithuizen, 11 mei 1918. Bergingsploeg. 4e van links: J. Kluft.
(Above and below) Albatros C.III, (German) serial 12115/17 landed near Uithuizen on May 11, 1918. Salvage team with 4th from left is J. Kluft.
[Enclosed photo from BeeldBank NIMH. Click on photo for ordering information]
Albatros C.III met registratie 12115/17 bij Uithuizen op 11 mei 1918. Vliegtuig was van de Duitse Flugmaat R. Lorch.
Geinterneerde Albatros C.III met registratie 6223/17 bij Buggenum op 24 augustus 1918. Bij de bergingsploeg aanwezig (vierde van links) J. Kluft. Toestel werd vermoedelijk geregistreerd als AL440.
Albatros C.III with German serial 6223/17 near Buggenum, August 24, 1918. Dutch serial became (most probably) AL440.
[Enclosed photo from BeeldBank NIMH. Click on photo for ordering information]


SerialWerknr.Bestellnr.Date in serviceDate out of serviceNotes
AL411 6299/17   07-12-1917    
AL425 12144/17   11-05-1918   Equipped with a Mercedes D.III rated 160 hp
AL440 6223/16   24-08-1918   Equipped with a Benz Bz.III rated 150 hp.


1/72nd Scale


  • Joystick
    • Kit JOY7: a vacu formed model
  • Pegasus
    • 4008: an injection moulded kit
  • CMR
    • 5016: a resin model

Modelling add-on

  • --
    • Set --: --


  • --
    • Set --: --

1/48th Scale


  • Special Hobby
    • Kit Sh48090: an injection moulded model

Modelling add-on

  • -
    • Set --: --.


  • --
    • Set --: --


SchemeColour nameFS numberBS NumberHumbrolXtraColorVallejo Model ColorVallejo Model Air
Standard #1Fuselage: Wood + varnish     ~ 100      
Metal parts: Light grey            
Wings (and linen parts) Cellite ~3531   121 X105    

Check for an extensive conversion table with lots of colour and paint systems.



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