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On Monday 30 April 2018, Wilko Jonker died after a long illness at the age of 58. He leaves behind a wife and two children. The Dutch military aviation and plastic modeling were his hobby and on this website he shared all the knowledge he has collected over the years. His hobby has been able to distract him from the persistent disease in his body until the last week of his life. The contacts with other hobbyists were a major support for him.

This website will be maintained by different people for as long as possible, so that other enthusiasts can continue to benefit from extensive content.

MBB Bolkow Bo-105CB


The development of the Bo105 started in 1961 with the Bo103 which first flew in September 1961.

A larger version of the Bo103 was initially designated as Bo104, but this was soon followed by the Bo105.

The prototype of the Bo105 was equipped with two Allison T-63 turbine engines and a conventional rotor system. However, this helicopter experienced such resonance that it was destroyed.
The second prototype first flew in February 1967 and had a four-bladed rotor with solid fiberglass reinforced blades, which were later also applied to the production version.
The third prototype was equipped with two MAN turbine engines of 375 horsepower and first flew on December 20, 1967.

In mid-October 1970 received the Bo105 its type-certification of the German aviation authorities.
In April 1972 was also the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certification is obtained, so the type could also be exported to the USA.

The Bo105C was developed in 1972 and chosen by the German Ministry of Defence as a light observation helicopter. In 1977 100 examples were purchased while 112 examples of a special anti-tank version, designated as Bo105 PAH-1, equipped with Euro Missile HOT missiles, were purchased for the German army.

The Bo105CB with two powerful 250-C20B turbine engines Alison, was developed in 1976.
This type was extended by approximately 25 cm in response to American demand and released as Bo105CBS. [in the United States known as B0105 Twin jet]
A version of the Bo105CBS the B0-105LS, equipped with more powerful Allison 250-C28C had a higher take-off weight and appeared in 1984.

Production ended in 2001 after more than 1400 examples had been built.


first, civil production version with two Allison 250-C18 turbine engines.
initial version originating from 1972 with two Allison 250-C20 turbine engines.
(military) observation and utility version from 1976 with two Allison 250-C20B turbine engines.
  • Bo 105CBS: extended version for medevac duties.
  • Bo 105CBS-5: SAR version.
offshore version for the UK.
Bo105LS A1:
developed in 1984; extended fuselage with two Allison 250-C28C turbine engines.
  • Bo105LS A3: released higher take-off weight of 2600 kg.
  • Bo105LS A3 "Superlifter": Released in 1995 with a maximum take-off weight of 2850 kg.
Bo105P / PAH-1:
German army designation (PAH=Panzerabwehrhubschrauber). Anti tank version with wire guided HOT ATGMs rockets.
  • Bo105P/PAH-1A1: improved version with six HOT tubes.
  • Bo105P/PAH-1 Phase 2: proposal of night attack version for German army.
  • Bo105P/BSH: proposal of an escort version for German army equipped with Stinger air-to-air missiles.
Light transport and utility version for German army, also referred to as "VBH" (Verbindungshubschrauber).
Test version for ‘mast-mounted sight’.
Anti-tank version for Spanish army.
  • Bo105GSH: Armed scout for Spanish army.
Observation version for Spanish army.
Maritime version with search radar.
123 examples licence built between 1976-2011; original designated as NBo105 CB.
extended version.
Bo105 Executaire:
Extended version (14,5 cm) built by Boeing-Vertol and Carson Helicopters for the US market.
12 revised and upgraded Bo105P for Albania in 2006. Improved performance and avionica.
Bo105 KLH:
licence version of CBS-5 built by KLH for the Korean army.
Never produced enlarged version for seven passengers.


Technical information
Length with rotor 11,84 m Rotor diameter: 9,84 m
Height: 3 m Tail Rotor diameter: - m2
Empty weight: 1276 kg Full weight: 2500 kg
Max. speed: 270 km/hr Cruising speed: 209 km/hr
Range: 660 km Service ceiling: 5180 m
Crew: Two men
Engine type: Two Allison 250-C20B rated 313 kW each


Mid seventies were thirty Bo105CBs ordered to replace the Piper Super Cub.

The aircraft were delivered between 1976 and 1979 and assigned to the Group Light aircraft (GPLV).

Bo-105 heli (registratie B-38), een moment voor het opstijgen.
Bo-105 serial ready for take-off.
[Enclosed photo from BeeldBank NIMH. Click on photo for ordering information].
This photo is taken shortly after delivery because of the white interiro (of the door)
Twee vliegers en eeen legerluchtwaarnemer (KL) bij een Bo-105 in het veld.
A Bo-105C during a army manoevre.
[Enclosed photo from BeeldBank NIMH. Click on photo for ordering information]
Medewerker DVM sleutelt aan een Bö-105CB op  Gilze-Rijen.
A Bo-105C under maintenance.
[Enclosed photo from BeeldBank NIMH. Click on photo for ordering information]
Detail van de Bo-105.
Detail of a Bo-105.
[Enclosed photo from BeeldBank NIMH. Click on photo for ordering information]


Initially, they were divided among the three GPLV squadrons (which already had the Alouette III in their inventory), but this proved logistically a problem and they were all transferred to 299 Squadron at the Deelen Airbase.

N86 02 02

Bolkow B-105CB B-37 photgraphed during an Open Day Dutch Air Force, June 1986 at air base Eindhoven.

N95 01 04

Bolkow B-105CB B-48,photographed at the static show during the Open Day Dutch Air Force, July 1986 at air base Volkel.

The Bo-105CB was used as an observation helicopter for the Dutch army and was (later) also equipped with night vision equipment. Also, passenger, liaison and medical transport belonged to the tasks.

Modernisation to Bo-105CB

During their operational period at the Dutch defence the Bo-105C were modernized several times. Between 1987 and 1989 the Bo-105s were thoroughly modified and equipped with night vision devices (night vision goggles) and also a Dopplers navigation system, so they could by used for operations during the night.
Also the cockpitlights were improved, a TACAN navigation set, UHF/VHF radio equipment and "HeliPilot"stilization system was added.

Bo-105 helikopter (registratie B-40) in hangaar.
Bo-105CB B-40 in a hangaar.
[Enclosed photo from BeeldBank NIMH. Click on photo for ordering information]
Bo-105 helikopter (registratie B-80).
Bo-105CB B-80.
[Enclosed photo from BeeldBank NIMH. Click on photo for ordering information]


Display flying wiht the Bölkow Bo-105C.

299 squadron flew very often with the Bo-105C duing Open Days Dutch Air Force. Usually it was a standard aircraft, but sometimes the Bo-105 had a special paint scheme applied.

1988: 75 Years RNlAF

Because of 75 years RNlAF a Bo-105C had a red, white and blue flag on the vertical tail appplied en flew a display at the Open Day at Air Base Deelen.

D 1988067 V2

Bolkow B-105CB B-XX photographed at Open Day 75 Years RNlAF, June 1988 at air base Deelen.


1990: B-43 and B-44

In 1990 two aircraft flew displays, they had an attractive schema appplied, white an blue scheme.

Leden van demoteam poserende bij hun Bo-105 helikopter (registratie B-44).
The Bo-105 display team in front of Bo-105CB B-44.
[Enclosed photo from BeeldBank NIMH. Click on photo for ordering information]
Bo-105 helikopter (registratie B-44), in demo-beschildering, vliegend boven de vuurtoren van Marken.
Bo-105 helikopter B-44 wiht display markings.
[Enclosed photo from BeeldBank NIMH. Click on photo for ordering information]


2000: 299 squadron 25 Years Bo-105

At the Open Day Duthc Air Force at Air Base Volkel a very nice Bo-105CB , B-77 was show. the fuselage was overall aluminum dope with a grasshopper cartoon, while the tail was red, white an blue.
This was because of 25 years Dutch Military service of the Bo-105CB.
The aircraft kept this paint scheme en was soon withdrawn from use en used for instructional purposes at air base Gilze Rijen.

N00 01 10

Bolkow B-105CB B-77 photographed at the static show during the Open Day Dutch Air Force, September, 2000 at air base Volkel.


Secondments: Bo-105CB-4

Prior to being send to their new operational area, the aircraft were equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) and bulletproof kevlar armour and later also with a flare system. These modified Bo-105s were designated by the RNlAF as Bo-105Cb-4

1994 Dutchbat

Early 1994, four aircraft were seconded in the Balkans as support of the Dutchbat I: the Dutch UN soldiers in Lucavac and into the safe havens of Srebrenica and Zepa.

N94 02 13

Bolkow B-105CB-4 B-78 photographed at the static show during the Open Days Duthc Air Force, July 1994 at airbase Leeuwarden.


UNPROFOR-eenheden met een Bo-105 CB helikopter in Bosnië-Herzegowina.
UNPROFOR units with a Bo-105CB in Bosnië-Herzegowina.
[Enclosed photo from BeeldBank NIMH. Click on photo for ordering information]
Bölkow Bo-105 CB staat geparkeerd op de schaatsbaan in Sarajevo. Passagier voor de heli is Elt J. Nieuwkoop.
Bölkow Bo-105CB parked at Sarajevo.
[Enclosed photo from BeeldBank NIMH. Click on photo for ordering information]
Bo-105 helikopter (registratie B-37, 299 Sqn), in witte United Nations uitmonstering voor dienst in Bosnië.
Bo-10CB-4 B-37 in white United Nations UN paint scheme.
[Enclosed photo from BeeldBank NIMH. Click on photo for ordering information]
Een Bölkow Bo-105 vliegt boven de heide.
A white Bölkow Bo-105.
[Enclosed photo from BeeldBank NIMH. Click on photo for ordering information]


1995 IFOR, Albanië

December 1995 the Dayton Agreements were signed and meant an end tot the hostilities in Bosnia-Herzegowina.
To achieve the peace proces, the UN raised an implentation force: IFOR, which was after about a year replaces with the smaller SFOR (Stabilization Force)

N96 01 11

Bolkow B-105CB B-49?, with IFOR markings, photographed at the static show during the Open Day Dutch Air Force, July 1996 at air base Twenthe.


Een Bölkow Bo-105 CB helikopter van de Kon. Luchtmacht wordt geprepareerd voor een taak t.b.v. de implementatiemacht IFOR in het voormalige Joegoslavië.
A Bölkow Bo105CB helicopter of the RNlAF is being prepared for a job serving the IFOR Implementation Force in the former Yugoslavia.
[Enclosed photo from BeeldBank NIMH. Click on photo for ordering information]


1999 KFOR, Albania

In 1999, four aircraft were sent out again. This time they were sent to Farke in Albania in addition to the already present  Chinooks of 298 squadron, which were there as part of the UN mission KFOR, the international force in Kosovo.
In November 1999 they were transferred to a new home base at the site Toplicane.

This base was built and used along with the German Bundeswehr.

N00 01 12

Bolkow B-105CB B-39, with KFOR markings, photographed at the static show during the Open Day Dutch Air Force, September 2000 at air base Volkel.

Een Bölkow Bo-105 met beschildering KFOR vliegt boven het platform.
A Bölkow Bo105 with KFOR markings.
[Enclosed photo from BeeldBank NIMH. Click on photo for ordering information]

On December 3, 1999 near the border of Kosovo and Albania one of the BO's, serial B-37 flew against a number of high voltage cables while performing a mission.

In the course of 1999 the Bo105CB was withdrawn from use and replaced by the Eurocopter Cougar.
The last aircraft were taken out of service in late 2003.


Constr. nr.
Constr. nr.
Date in service
Date in service
Date out of service
Date out of service
B-37 S-237 01-03-1979 01-03-2002 Bo105CB-4; Ex KMSL;
Accident in Albania
Preserved, to Military Aviation Museum, Soesterberg.
B-38 S-238 01-08-1979 01-04-2000 Bo105CB
B-39 S-239 01-08-1979   Bo105CB-4
B-40 S-240 01-08-1979   Bo105CB-4
B-41 S-241 01-08-1979   Bo105CB-4
B-42 S-242 01-08-1979   Bo105CB
B-43 S-243 01-08-1979 01-07-1999 Bo105CB
B-44 S-244 01-08-1979   Bo105CB; By DMVS equipped with Flare dispensers.
B-45 S-245 01-08-1979 16-06-1994 Bo105CB
B-46 S-246 01-08-1979 03-02-1992


Burned because of terrorist attack

B-47 S-247 01-08-1979   Bo105CB
B-48 S-248 01-08-1979   Bo105CB
B-63 S-263 01-08-1976   Bo105CB
B-64 S-264 01-08-1976   Bo105CB
B-65 S-265 01-08-1976 02-10-1985 Bo105CB
B-66 S-266 01-08-1976   Bo105CB
B-67 S-267 01-08-1979 01-03-2002 Bo105CB
B-68 S-268 01-08-1976   Bo105CB
B-69 S-269 01-08-1976   Bo105CB
B-70 S-270 01-08-1976 01-02-1999 Bo105CB
B-71 S-271 01-08-1976 01-05-1999 Bo105CB
B-72 S-272 01-08-1976 01-04-2000 Bo105CB
B-73 S-273 01-08-1976 01-11-1978 Bo105CB
B-74 S-274 01-08-1976 01-02-1999 Bo105CB
B-75 S-275 01-08-1976   Bo105CB
B-76 S-276 01-08-1976   Bo105CB
B-77 S-277 01-08-1976 01-07-2001 Bo105CB
B-78 S-278 01-08-1976   Bo105CB-4
B-79 S-279 01-08-1976 01-03-2002 Bo105CB
B-80 S-280 01-08-1976   Bo105CB; By DMVS equipped with Flare dispensers.
B-83 S-83 01-12-1982 01-04-2000 Bo105CB


1/72nd Scale


  • Airfix
  • A Model
    • Kit 72255: Bolkow Bo105 [Extended Fuselage]
    • Kit 72259: Bolkow Bo105P Military [original fuselage]
  • Top Gun
    • Kit K014: Bolkow Bo105CBS HKP9b (Swedish Version) [Extended Fuselage]

Two models of the Airfix Bo-105, built in 2014.

IMG 0005 IMG 0006 IMG 0002 IMG 0003 IMG 0004 IMG 0007 IMG 0008


MBB BO 105CD AKleijn
A model of a MBB B-105CB, built by Adri Kleijn.
MBB BO 105C UN AKleijn
A model of a MBB B-105CB in white UN paint scheme, built by Adri Kleijn.


1/48th Scale


  • Fujimi
    • Kit V-06: Bolkow Bo105 PAG1/M (Luftwaffe & KLu)
  • Italeri
    • Kit 342742: Bolkow Bo105/PAH1
  • Esci
    • Kit 404055: Bo105 Rijkspolitie
    • Kit H-2389: Bolkow Bo105 PAG1/M (Luftwaffe & KLu)

Modelling add-on

  • --
    • Set -: -


  • --
    • Set -: --



SchemeColour nameFS-numberRALHumbrolXtraColorVallejo Model ColorVallejo Model AirHataka
Standard #1Overall Army green   6014   X251     ~193
Interior cabin White     34   70.951   ~043
Later Bo105C interior: Army green and console camouflage grey; Controls etc. light grey; Back of cabin dark grey
Standard #2Overall Army Green   6014   X251     ~193
Black   9005 85     ~041
Standard #3Overall: camouflage pattern Leather brown   8027 170     71.251 ~125
Tar black   9021       71.251 ~125
Bronze green   6031 116 X116 70.893 71.016 ~152
Interior Grey     128 X135      
Special scheme #1UN-Mission: B-37; B-39; B-40; B-41; B-79 Overall White   9010 130 70.820   ~041

Check for an extensive conversion table with lots of colour and paint systems.

MBB Bo-105C in het afleverschema.

MBB Bo105C in the delivery scheme.

MBB Bo-105C in het tweede schema.
Scheme 2 : The so called 2KVP (two Colour Stain pattern) on a  MBB Bo105C.
Kleurenschema Westland SH-14B Lynx.
Scheme 3: the so called 3KVP on a MBB Bo105C.
MBB Bo-105C in het UN schema.
MBB Bo105C  in the overall white UN scheme.
Kleurenschema Westland SH-14B Lynx.
MBB Bo105C in display scheme 1988 , 75th Anniversary RNlAF.
Kleurenschema Westland SH-14B Lynx.
MBB Bo105C B-77 special paint scheme because of 25 years Bo105C in the Netherlands.
MBB Bo-105C in het UN schema.
MBB Bo105C B-77: special paint scheme because of 45 years 299 squadron.



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