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Dutch Modelling and Aviation

In Memoriam

Klaas Willem Jonker
† April 30, 2018

On Monday 30 April 2018, Wilko Jonker died after a long illness at the age of 58. He leaves behind a wife and two children. The Dutch military aviation and plastic modeling were his hobby and on this website he shared all the knowledge he has collected over the years. His hobby has been able to distract him from the persistent disease in his body until the last week of his life. The contacts with other hobbyists were a major support for him.

This website will be maintained by different people for as long as possible, so that other enthusiasts can continue to benefit from extensive content.

Beechcraft Model 18

1/72nd Scale


  • Hobbycraft
    • Kit HC1389: Beech CH-45H
    • Kit HC1355: Beech C-45F WWII transport
      Also released by Kitech, kitnr. 08M-3302h
  • Pioneer
    • Kit 4003: Beech C-45 Expeditor
  • PM Model
    • Kit PM304: Same kit as Pioneer
  • Rareplane
    • Kit Rare0007: Beech C-45 Expeditor vacu formed kit.
Beechcraft SNB 5 Navigator AKleijn
A model of a Beechcraft SNB-5 Navigator, built by Adri Kleijn.


Beechcraft T 7 Navigator AKleijn
A model of a Beechcraft T-7 Navigator, built by Adri Kleijn.


Modelling add-on

  • Aeroclub
    • Kit E065: C45 Expeditor Engine nacelles
    • Kit E012: 9 cyl. Pratt & Whitney Wasp Jr (Beech 17, 18, C45)
    • Kit P007: Hamilton Standard 2bld 8.6` Prop (Beech 17,18,C45)


  • Dutch Decal
    • Set 72009: Set for aircraft such as Neptune P2V5 and P2V7/SH2H and also for Beech TC45J 045
    • Set 72021: Re-release of set 72009 plus some additions.
  • FlevoDecal
    • Set FD72-013: Royal Netherlands Navy Pt. II (Grumman TBM-3E Avenger, Harvard, Catalina, Oxford, Beech TC-45J, Fokker S-11)
    • Set FD72-022: A set for KLu historische Vlucht with e.g. Beech T.7

1/48th Scale


    • Battle Axe
      • Kit XX: Model van Beechcraft 18/UC45/T7
        Ook uitgegeven door Mach2
    • ICM
      • Kit 48181: Beech C45F / UC45F Expeditor

Modeling add-on

      • Belcher Bits
        • Set 39: Beechcraft 18 mods: conversie van ICM kit naar late na-oorlogse versie.
      • Eduard
        • Set FE722 / 49-722: Detailset Beech C45F Interior Self Adhesive
        • Set 48-848: 9 cyl. Pratt & Whitney Wasp Jr (Beech 17, 18, C45)


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